For Men – Don’t Get Your Ex Back Until You Read This

By | August 4, 2017

If you’re looking for a surefire way to literally force your ex into giving you a second chance… then, dude, this article is for you. Bear with me till the end of this post because I’m gonna show you how to get your ex back and help you turn this whole situation around.

Don’t Try To Get Your Ex Back Until You Read This

Don’t Get Your Ex Back Until You Read This – Breakup Advice for Men

Hi my name is Jack and I am a seasoned campaigner when it comes to girlfriends, wives, breaking up and making up. I have been in several relationships and have made a number of mistakes. As time went by I learned from those mistakes, and I want to share with you the mistakes that I made so that you can avoid them at all costs.

I’m not here to give you sympathy because it will not help to get your ex back

Firstly I want to say to you that I am not here to give you sympathy. I am sure that you are getting plenty of that anyway. If you want more sympathy then call your mom. She is bound to say stuff like “how is my poor baby boy today?” and then move on to “I never liked that girl you are better off without her”. Believe me sympathy will not help you to get your ex back.

I want you to treat me as your friend. I am a special friend that has a lot of experience when it comes to breaking up and making up. I am here to help you get your ex back by helping you to understand where it all went wrong and the mistakes that you need to avoid.

My current girlfriend and I broke up only a few weeks into the relationship. It ended on the phone, which is just about the worst case scenario you can imagine. Was I devastated? You bet! But I had learned such a lot from my previous experiences that I decided to take a calm and considered approach to getting her back. I am so glad I did because we are close to celebrating 8 happy years back together.

Is getting an ex back easy?

Getting your ex girlfriend or wife back is not easy, especially if you don’t know the best way to go about it. I learned through years of bitter experience, and I don’t want you to have to do the same. When you know the right approach to follow you will get your girlfriend or your wife back, so make sure that you read every word of this post.

If you have been with a girl for any length of time you will know that breaking up is one of the worst things imaginable. Your friends will be there for you as mine were, and they will tell you to “forget about her and move on” but it’s not that simple is it? The pain of losing someone that you love can be too much to bear.

I will be discussing assessing a break up and why it went wrong. This can be a painful exercise, but it is important if you truly want to get your ex back. I didn’t do this with my first couple of breakups which was a big mistake. You need to really understand where it all went wrong to be successful.

Then it will be time to prepare yourself to get your girlfriend back. If you go in unprepared then it will all end in disaster. Believe me I know. The temptation will be to rush in head first but you must control this urge. You have to learn to stand back from the situation and assess your options.

A lot of guys get desperate. I certainly did and maybe you are feeling desperate right now. I will be covering the mistakes that you must never make if you want to get your ex back. When you know what not to do and why you will be a lot happier making the right approaches.

Where did it all go Wrong?

OK it’s time to “man up” and take a look back at where it all went wrong. Yes it will be painful thinking back over what happened, but you need to do this in order to prepare yourself properly to get your wife back. There can be a whole host of reasons why a break up occurred but these are the most common ones.

What I am here to do is to get you ready for your journey to get your girlfriend back. That means painful reflections and a calm approach. Sorry but that is the way it is. You will receive advice from a lot of your friends and family. Some will tell you to move on and others to do everything you can to get her back.

But what experience do they have of this? Probably none so thank them for their advice and then focus your attention on what I have to tell you. Why? Because I am your experienced friend and I want you to succeed. I want to hear your success story more than anything.

1. Were you too Needy?

One of the most important aspects of a successful relationship is that the two people involved hold their own and maintain their independence. They discuss having an equitable relationship where each partner has a 50/50 responsibility on finances, parenting and household tasks.

If you are too dependent and needy then your girlfriend will not respect you. You may think that it is good to succumb to her every whim but it isn’t. If you do this then she will expect you to continue to do this, and will probably get bored of getting everything that she wants from you. Far too many guys are in this position.

You need to stand together in a relationship but not be in each other’s shadow. So think back and ask yourself “was I too needy?” If the answer was yes then don’t worry you can still get your ex back. You just need to change your approach.

2. Was there a lot of Conflict in your Relationship?

Did you and your girlfriend fight a lot? Was it too difficult to do the simplest thing together without arguing? Do you feel that you were living your life “walking on eggshells” just waiting for the next big explosion to happen? You hated these fights with your wife but you love her and you just put up with it.

Quite often relationships go sour because the two people involved always want to win. They will never concede and admit that they are wrong. Once this starts it can be very difficult to stop. Think back to a typical day in your relationship with your girlfriend and ask yourself whether there was regular conflict. You need to be honest with yourself here as it will help you moving forwards.

3. Were you Jealous?

So many relationships break up because of jealousy. Some of these break ups happen even when there is no infidelity. There is an old saying “if you love someone set them free” but most people find this very difficult to do in reality. How did you really feel when your girlfriend was talking to another man?

Jealousy normally has its roots in insecurity. So if jealousy was a major factor in your relationship breakup then you will have to work on yourself. When you are in a relationship with someone it is all too easy to believe that you can read her mind. You know she is plotting an affair – but of course you don’t have any evidence of this.

3. Did you Bore her into Submission?

Did you do enough things in your relationship to make your girlfriend feel excited? I am not just talking about in the bedroom here. Did you surprise her with romantic dinners in restaurants or gifts from out of the blue? No one is going to expect you to do this every day, but if you follow the same routine day in and day out then she could have been bored.

Female boredom is a serious issue. One in five women finishes a relationship because they feel they are missing out on the excitement of a single life. Boredom is going to happen in any relationship, so what did you do when it happened in yours? If you didn’t do enough then it’s OK as you can change this.

4. Did your Sex Life take a nose dive?

When you first get together your sex life will probably be at its peak. As the relationship progresses it is likely to slow down. This happens in virtually every relationship and I am sure that it happened in yours. Did you do anything to improve the situation? Did you talk about the problem with your wife or girlfriend?

5. Did you try and Change your girlfriend?

You probably already know that the only person that you can control and change in this life is yourself. This is pretty common knowledge, but it is surprising how many people try and change their partners. When you try and change her she will resent you for this, and it will certainly lead to a volatile relationship.

So did you try and change your girlfriend? Again you need to be totally honest with yourself here. Not being honest with yourself is just dumb, and will certainly not help you to get your ex girlfriend back.

6. Did you Trust her?

Trust can truly make or break a relationship. So did you completely trust your girlfriend? Did she do something that broke your trust in her? Did you believe that she lied to you constantly? Maybe she had trust issues with you? If any of these apply then building a serious relationship is going to be really tough.

7. Did your mind wander too much?

Before we even get started on this it is OK for your mind to wander towards other women sometimes. As a heterosexual male you are never going to stop looking at attractive girls. It is in your nature and it doesn’t mean that you are going to cheat. There are ways of dealing with this which are harmless.

But when you stare at every pretty girl that you meet in front of your girlfriend she is going to get really upset. Do you think about other women all of the time? Do you find yourself flirting with anything in a skirt? You will certainly know if you do this, and it is still possible to get your ex back if this is happening to you.

8. Did you ever take your Girl out on a Date?

A lot of guys think that going out on dates ends when you start a serious relationship with your girl. Did you think like that? There is something magical about a date – especially for women. They will spend hours getting ready and making themselves perfect for you. If you deprived your girl of this opportunity then it could have been a major factor why she fell out of love with you.

Mistake men made trying to get ex back

get your ex back

Preparing yourself to get your Ex Back

You have just broken up with your girlfriend and your mind is all over the place. Life feels extremely painful right now, and you are experiencing different emotions that are confusing you. You are hurt and you feel very lonely and this is all that you can think about. You need to take a step away from this to truly interpret your emotions.

Be honest and ask yourself: DO YOU REALLY WANT YOUR EX BACK?

Do you really want your ex back

Okay, that seems like a harsh question doesn’t it?

It is natural for you to feel lonely, depressed, anxious and even guilty when you break up. If the relationship was serious and you were married or living with your girlfriend, then these feelings are likely to be even more intense for you.

The first thing that you must do to prepare yourself for getting your ex back is to take a little time out. Once the initial intense feelings have subsided then you need to ask yourself a number of questions to determine whether you should focus on getting your ex back or concentrate on getting over her.

If you want to get your ex back, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I truly miss my wife / girlfriend or do I just miss having a female companion?
  • Do I really see myself in a relationship with this girl for a very long time?
  • Did my wife / girlfriend make me feel better about myself?
  • Was I happier when I was with her?

I have told you throughout this post that honesty is really important. It is vital that you get your thoughts straight before you begin your journey of getting your ex back. You need to be 100% sure that your ex is the girl that you want to be with for the long term. There may be further pain for you getting your girlfriend back, so being certain that it is what you really want is critical.

7 Mistakes you must avoid in order to successfully get your Ex Back

Please pay attention to these common mistakes that guys make when they are trying to get their girls back. These can be really counterproductive, and they could end up driving your ex further away from you. Take it from someone who has made all of these mistakes in the past and failed miserably!

1. Don’t Beg – Don’t be Needy

This is a natural reaction when your girl breaks up with you. The pain is intolerable and you hurt so much. You are prepared to do anything to get her back and you believe that begging her will achieve this. Well it won’t.

When you plead with your ex to take you back you are coming across as super needy. The more you do it the needier you will look. And the truth is that you do need her, but don’t start begging for her return. She will see this as a total turn off. It is so unattractive to be on your knees begging.

Your girlfriend did not break up with you because she wanted to see you on your knees begging for her to come back. Who wants to be with a needy person like this? Some people will tell you that this kind of crazy begging works. Well if you do get your wife back through begging then be prepared to spend the rest of your life as a doormat.

2. Don’t Contact her straight away

If there is one mistake that you absolutely must avoid it is bombarding your ex with phone calls, texts, Facebook messages and any other forms of communication. You need to give yourself and your ex some space. I know that it is really tempting to get on the phone to her straight away, but trust me when I tell you that it is not a good thing to do.

Don’t send continuous text messages everyday to your ex. If she hasn’t replied to your first couple of messages why would you think that she will respond to the hundredth message that you send? She doesn’t want to communicate with you right now so how annoying do you think it is for her to have her message inbox full of your desperate texts?

When you break up with your ex it is more than likely that you will go out and get drunk. How well do you think she will receive a phone call from you drunk? Apart from having difficulty understanding you, there will be that incoherent nonsense that you will no doubt tell her on the phone. Do you think that this is going to make you attractive to her?

3. Don’t Ditch your Self Worth for your Ex

When you rush into getting your ex back it can be tempting to throw your self worth completely out of the window to have her back in your life. Your ex presents you with a list of demands which contain a ton of things that you would not normally do. At the top of this list should be written in bold letters “your new doormat life”.

Is this a good move? Well if you are willing to forget about your dreams, your happiness and your self esteem then its fine. If not then I strongly suggest that you don’t go for this. It is surprising just how many guys will trade their self worth in for a chance of getting back with their ex. My advice is not to do this.

This is close to begging and pleading which we discussed earlier. The difference here is that your ex can demand that you accept everything that she wants, and you will have to turn into a doormat. Is it likely that your ex will commit to you under these conditions? How long do you think that you will be able to remain a doormat?

4. Showering her with Unwanted Attention

Your girlfriend has broken up with you for a reason. Hearing continuously how much you love her is probably just going to remind her of this reason, and make her even more determined to break up for good.

Look here is the bottom line. She knows how much you love and care for her already. You were in a relationship with her and you would have told her that, and she would have felt this from you. Don’t make your girl put her defenses up more by showering her with unwanted attention.

5. Don’t play the Pity Card

Wallowing in self pity and making her and the rest of the world know about it is definitely something that you must avoid. If you are a Facebook user then avoid the temptation to post how sad you are feeling every five minutes. I know why you would do this. You are hoping that she will see it and respond favorably. She will see the messages but she won’t respond.

Self pity is one of the most unattractive characteristics that a man can have. If your ex calls you then don’t go straight into how lonely you are and how you can’t live without her. Your girl is very unlikely to take you back over pity. And if she did what would your life be like? Not great I can tell you.

No self respecting girl wants to be with a sad guy. Disguise your misery when you communicate with her because it is certainly not appealing. Your ex probably already feels bad about breaking up with you. Don’t make her feel worse.

6. Don’t Go into Panic Mode if your Ex Dates another guy

This is very tough to accept but you must learn to deal with the possibility. If you obsess over this then you will have all kinds of bad thoughts and feelings, like she has forgotten you already and she doesn’t care about you. I get that this is painful, and it has happened to me before, but you have to learn to cope with it.

Some guys will find out where their ex is having this date and accidentally turn up at the same restaurant, pub or club. How impressed do you think that your ex will be with this? If she dates again soon after you have broken up then this is just a rebound date. This will never last.

Your break up caused a huge hole in her life too, and she is trying to plug this by meeting somebody new. This will all end very quickly. Don’t contact your ex and try to talk them out of meeting this person. Telling her that “he is not good enough for you” will very rarely work. In fact it might make her even more determined.

7. Avoid the “Friend Zone”

If your ex offers you the opportunity to “be your friend” you need to avoid this. You may be thinking that being her friend, and remaining in her life, will increase your chances of getting back with her. This rarely ever works. If you become her friend how will you handle it when she starts complaining about her new boyfriend?

Being in the friend zone will just hurt you even more. If your ex doesn’t offer the “friends” thing then don’t suggest this yourself. It will just lead to more sadness and frustration for you I guarantee it.

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